The Perils of SOR

Another independent bookshop closes

The Book Inn  in Leigh on Sea has closed due to retirement. Sadly I had 3 copies of a book SOR in the store before it closed. I went in before the final day and was happy to see that they had sold two of the books. I took the remaining copy back and asked for payment but the young lady behind the counter didn't seem very forthcoming - "bring in an invoice",  was the sullen response. This I did on the same day. Since then I have invoiced The Book Inn on a couple of occasions but to no avail. Whether or not I'm being ignored on purpose I wouldn't like to say. Whatever, I find it very sad that I put so much work in voluntarily on a not-for-profit basis and very much unpaid - not just for myself but for other writers and poets and the love of literature and the arts in general. To lose £12.00 like this might not mean much to a bookseller but it certainly does to me. Well, that's the world we live in I suppose. I hope they enjoy their retirement. If they do happen to read this and decide to pay up I shall apologise profusely for what maybe just a misunderstanding on my part - both in this blog and on Facebook. We shall see!