Littoral Press is pleased to announce its latest poetry collection. Before Dusk is Barbara Strangward's first collection of poetry and in Littoral's opinion it is long overdue.


This collection of exceptionally well crafted poems certainly deserves to be in the public domain where it undoubtedly belongs.

My latest book has just been published and it is being stocked by the Kestrel Bookshop in Sudbury and Landers Bookshop in Long Melford. It will also be available from my website. It took three years to write as I journeyed through the spring and summer months from the river's source in Cambridgeshire, through the borderlands of Essex and Suffolk and then on out to where the river flows into the North Sea between Harwich and Felixstowe.  The book concerns itself with the history of the navigation, the local and natural history of the surrounding areas, farming, the weather, local literature, the arts and much more...….


The book is also illustrated with many black and white photographs and for anyone interested on Monday the 2nd of July I will be Lesley Dolphin's guest on BBC Radio Suffolk between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. 

Littoral is pleased to announce the publication of Adrian Green's latest collection of poetry: 


All That Jazz and Other Poems: 


Two sample poems:


Hearing Straight, No Chaser in an Essex Pub


Phrasing the line

         like a Ginsberg rant,

pretending cool,

             and in the rests

walking away.


But this is not a visceral muse,

his sound is learned

as surely as a classic score,

the gestures, too, a studied

imitation of historic moves,

so here we feel their presence

through the heirs of vinyl mastery.


We might recall the sound

as ’trane or Miles,

but this cat has an Essex name,

his horn was made in China

and the chorus learned in Barkingside.



 The Meads


It was the start of love,

or at least awareness of lust

in that meadow by the lock –


the way your image stayed

imprinted in the sunlight

as you rested on the lock-gate arm,

and the only sounds were birdsong,

a trickle of water through the gate,

and children’s laughter

in the distant afternoon –


nothing would be the same

after the millstream sluices opened.